Our Mission Is Our Passion

Our passion is driven by the 733,000 dogs that are euthanized each year. Shelters are continuely operating at capacity. Cloud 9 wants to create a dog shelter for dogs who have spent lots of time in cages and provide them a sanctuary where they can run free or get rehabilitated to be adopted out. We want to offer dogs a unique experience.  Our first residence will be seniors and unwanted breeds in shelters!  Join us on our journey!


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Meet Tyson


Tyson was a surrender from a family who just had too many dogs in their home.  Tyson is a gentle giant. His love for his new home and owners is just what the family needed.

Meet Kiba


Kiba was dumped in a strangers yard with no regard.  Kiba is now in a loving home that he shares with some cat siblings providing emotional support and happiness to his owner.. Certified Emotional Support animal

Meet Mosely


​Mosely was a puppy who was a week away from being left in a dumpster.  This sweet boy even with this anxiety has brought joy and energy to his new home.​ He loves to snuggle and play tug a war.

Meet Meeka


Meekah was found wondering the streets of Bloomington pretty beat up but she is a survivor.  We figure she was out there for a year based on her appearance.  Meekah has warmed up to her new home with flying colors.  She is calm and loving.​ Certified Emotional Support animal.